All sessions virtual or in our Miami Beach office unless otherwise arranged.

Regression is a unique way to experience growth, healing, or guidance. Explore your subconscious mind to discover past-life memories, heal trauma, and align with your purpose. This practice is a profound way to tap into your divine power and connect with a more grounded sense of your intuition.

Our Regression Hypnosis based in Miami serves the United States and the rest of the world! We have run sessions in Miami, Albuquerque, Vegas, San Diego, New York, Colorado, California, New Mexico, and Florida.



Julia was initiated into the practice by Harvard Graduate Peter Woodbury & certified by the Association of Research & Enlightment in Virginia Beach. Peter is known as one of the world's most prolific Regression Hypnotherapists who has served over 6000 people with his practice.


Our sessions are an incredible experience both virtually & in-person. Regression Hypnosis can be undertaken locally in Miami, however Julia also travels to many of her clients across the United States. Each journey is unique, expansive, and relevant for positive growth and exploration of one's self. Virtual sessions include a headset for first-timers to ensure that the best possible encounter is achieved.

Please allow 3 days for delivery when booking


Hypnosis can be daunting for many first-timers as it is a frequently misunderstood phenomena. Many people think that hypnosis is an unusual state of consciousness, where you lose control of your will and become a puppet to the hypnotist’s suggestions. This is largely a myth created by stage hypnosis. 

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. For a person to enter a trance state, they would need to feel safe, comfortable, and open to the possibility of entering a trance state. 

For this reason, we do not accept gifted sessions and I offer a 100% money-back guarantee because there is nothing more important to me than you feeling love, joy, growth, healing, and prosperity after a session.



I have dedicated my life work to helping people overcome their limitations to create a truly fulfilling life of dreams and manifesting. After becoming an international best selling author, I began my mission seeking out the most talented and passionate people to help me build a community that can make a massive impact through coaching & healing. My life is my dream and now, my dream is to make 1 million dreams come true for others. I truly believe that regression hypnosis is an accelerated way to access guidance, infinite intelligence, and healing like no other practice I've experienced. Please reach out if you think we'd be a good fit!



What is Regression Hypnosis?

Our regression hypnosis provides a unique path toward growth, healing, and guidance. In the sessions, you can explore your subconscious mind, discover past-life memories, heal from trauma, and align with your purpose. The Best Life-ing practitioners skillfully and gently guide you toward what you seek.

How will I benefit from Regression Hypnosis?

People often find answers to burning questions, learn their true path, and heal as they journey into the spiritual realm through regression hypnosis. This practice is a profound way to tap into your divine power and connect with a more grounded and clear sense of your intuition.

How long is a session?

A session generally lasts from one to two hours. The time varies based on your personal journey.

Can the hypnotist force me to do anything against my will?

Absolutely not. We follow your lead and never suggest ideas, beliefs, or behaviors during a session.

What does it cost?

You can purchase one session for $444, or a package of 10 for $3,500.

Will I remain aware under hypnosis?

You will remain cognizant of what is happening during the session.

Is there anything unsafe about being hypnotized?

There is absolutely nothing to fear. The experience is relaxing, enjoyable, and life-altering for most people.

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